New Year, Same You

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As the New Year gets into full swing, I have been overloaded with resolution emails, diet articles and all of the “new you” types of messages that get thrown at us every year at this time. It’s a bit ironic actually, that November and December are filled with recipes and party ideas and in January, the message is completely turned around into a “help yourself” undo the damage you’ve done in the previous couple of months.

For some reason, I find it particularly ironic this year. Perhaps it’s just that I’m getting more comfortable with my “everything in moderation” philosophy. I don’t do fad diets and I believe in taking care of ourselves using food education and knowledge of our own bodies as the best resources. I am very aware of what’s good and bad for me and I make informed choices, either way.

This year, I encourage you to do the same. Get informed about your lifestyle and self and learn about food, nutrition and health. Study it. Watch the documentaries about sugar and fast food and GMO’s. Read. Learn. Then, use your knowledge to make the best decisions for yourself – and your family.