Orange is the New Black

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Orange is the new black

So, yes, I have seen BOTH seasons of OITNB on Netflix. But, in fairness, I read this book first! Since the real story takes place in a CT prison, I was interested to read it from the beginning. Only once I finished it did I watch season one. And once season two came out, I binge-watched that straight through (I have a love/hate with having all episodes of a show available – I like watching them all but don’t want to wait a year until the next season is available!). 

This is an interesting book made into a glamorized, yet entertaining, series. The book seemed to portray prison life as it likely actually is and the show – while entertaining – seems to make it seem a bit less negative. There were actually times while watching it when I thought whatever was going on actually looked like fun. And, my guess is, nothing about prison is fun.

In any case, it’s a good book that is well-written and definitely makes you think about the rights and wrongs within our penal system. It’s a great travel read – something you can sink your teeth into while on a one or two week trip that will make you reflect on behavior and justice, but won’t bring you down. Recommended!